For those who have reached so far, this website is a blog owned and managed by me – Ramesh Menon. I am an IT Professional from Mumbai, having spend 37 years of my life in this inspiring city. I also had the opportunity to work outside India for almost 10 years in different parts of the world

All these years, I was waiting for the opportune time to pursue my hobbies and passions – photography, writing, movie making, travel among others. It was never easy to give time due the busy schedule at work and commitments at home. The fear of putting in content online, which was flawed or of sub-standard quality always meant that I kept postponing it.

What I have realized is that there is no opportune time for doing anything you like. Before time runs out, do what you feel like. Make time and spend it on doing things you like or makes you happy.

So, I am going to put in content – photographs that I have taken, my experiences during years of travel, some short stories, my views and opinions on everything under the sun – unwarranted of course.

Although this is not at big scale at now, it would also be a good idea to approach my friends and people whom I know from Social Media to pen their thoughts on various issues and I publish it here as first target or even have them reproduced with permission

So, hoping this time around, I would be more successful in running this blog. I won’t be bothering about others opinions, though I will be open to constructive criticism and ideas

One important point – I will not be posting anything related to IT unless it is a social issue. I am working on an Tech Blog that I plan to make live by end of September – 2019